I believe there is a very good Spirit inside us, who always warns us! Last week I came to know about a shocking incident. I was very curious to know just because the headlines were too catchy. The more I listened, the more I came to know, its mere a foolish discussion. Just lend my deaf ears to it and I continued enjoying my tea.

But wait, wait! what are you saying! I have a masterpiece of information which would just change this discussion to all the way greater heights and would add flavor.

But my inner Spirit was crying, "Anu, Don't you say anything! Resist the temptation." I was crying too, "Please Lord, just one line and I am off the conversation."
Spirit : "NO"
Spirit: "NO"
Anu : " Ok, I lost, You win."

I changed the subject and started off work after our so called Tea Break.

By the time, it was night and I was offering my personal prayer, I was too happy. Yes! I won today. My Lord is pleased with me. But again my Inner Spirit was working inside me and suddenly there was an urge to know.

What the Bible says about gossip? After all, we have God's word in our hand. Let's read WORD OF GOD.

I did a bit of my research and there I surrendered to my Almighty's LOVE. 
I failed Him.
I fail Him.

Before you judge the writer, just go through GOSSIP TEST(CLICK HERE) and check for yourself.


While you read article, DO NOT SKIP SCRIPTURE PORTION.Believe and claim Word of God.



Very good article..I Loved it..U nd me and any article can'nt change people...If they want to change they have to think about it..Anyways i will circulate this article to all my groups..Keep writing. God Bless U.

Anu Thomas said...

thanks for reading..Well when i wrote this article, It wasn't for 'people' it was for 'me'.let this one be for people who can connect and think about changing themselves and not the world and for rest..God loves them too:)