What's up with Lent?

Greetings to all in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

As we have entered into a Mid Lenten season, it's time for some introspection!

How was this 25 days of my life?
Did I spend time to...

1) Pray
2) Go to Church
3) Repent/Confess
4) Read the Bible
5) Fast
6) Give
Don't worry!
I would like to encourage you to observe lent now.
It's never too late


1) Golgotha Cross
  • Answering Moses’ prayer, the Lord commanded him to make a serpent of bronze, and to hang it down from the flag pole. 
  • Any one looks at the bronze serpent after having bitten by the fiery serpents was to live and not to die. This is the primary text that the Church has decided to highlight for the Mid Lent.

It also reminds us of our fallen nature and the hope of eternal life in the shelter of the Holy Cross.
2) Festival of Salvation.
  • As we read in the Old Testament, when the Israelites were tired of their journey to reach the promised land they started murmuring and cursing.

It also reminds us of our struggle in observing Lent and all the difficulties we faced till now. As we are about to reach the festival of salvation, Easter, let us also not murmur or curse, but in hope and faith, let us pray that we may be able to enjoy our Promise land!
3) Bronze
  • As we all know bronze is an alloy made up of copper and zinc.
  • copper is known for its delicacy and purity, whereas zinc is known for its dullness and brittle property.

It reminds us of our dullness and inflexibility towards righteousness (purity) but God formed an alloy, a mixture of contrasting metals (DIVINE-HUMAN) as a way for our salvation.
 It is for looking into the Son of Man and believing in Him that the cross is elevated in the midst of the Church during the Mid Lent!

so don't be like the five foolish women.
ask yourself,
is my spiritual candle still lit?

Image Taken: Source Unknown.