• I was just thinking about this day. Last year in 2013, this same day I was going through the worst phase of my life. I remember how I was crying all through the corridor at the hospital.

  • Early morning around 5-6, my dad had a minor stroke. He could neither walk nor stand. I and my mom asked our neighbor to help us carry him to the hospital. I was SCARED.

  • We reached the hospital and the question was how to carry him to ward. Then Uncle went and got a wheelchair. Oh my!!!! I kept on crying. I never thought I would see my dad like this ever!

  • We consulted Dr. and he said,” Your Dad had a mild paralytic stroke!” and I was trying to be attentive to his words. But somehow my ears were deaf! I was just worried. “Will my Dad stay like this forever?” was my concern.

  • All through the hospital, I kept on crying. I remember how everyone there was comforting me but nothing worked. I called my friend. I asked her to please pray for my dad. I remember I even told her not to go anywhere and just pray for my Dad.

  • My Dad suffered this state of helplessness for like months. But now when I see him I understand one thing.

  • My Lord, My God, My Jesus carried him all through these dark hours of our life.

  • He is able to walk now. He does not depend on anyone because my Lord has done wonders in his life, in our life too.

  • I thank all Dr., Physiotherapist, my friends, our church members, my relatives….everyone in the name of Jesus. I believe you did your part as the Lord directed you.

Thank you, Jesus! My Jesus is Alive and I believe, “He sent forth His Word and healed him; He rescued him from the grave. (Psalm 107:20)”.

Lord sustained my Dad on his sickbed and restored him from his bed of illness as written in Psalm 41:3

All Glory and Praise to you Jesus, to you alone.   


If you are alive today, THANK HIM!
If you are healthy today, THANK HIM!


Discuss: Can you recall those phases in your life when you experienced his miracle? I am eager      to know how God has been good to you? Share Your Testimony as it might save someone's faith!


Rex_johnz said...

Thank You Lord for leading Us well!Thank You Lord for evrything!
I don't have words to say abt diz testimny,really it touched my heart,emmotinz as wl as inspiratn gtn out! God Bless You dear Sister! Wish ur family mves mre 'n mor smoothr by the awsme grace of our Abba Father! :) tc

Anu Thomas said...

thank you,bro...I really believe as you praised Lord in assembly of people..Lord Almighty would do the same for your life too...#Passion4Christ