It’s women’s day coming and such a title! Don’t get me wrong! Relax! I’m not going to share a depressing love story. Instead let me share with you a beautiful inspiring true love story which I happened to confront when I read John 18:1-11.

1)   Irony- GARDEN!

In the Gospel according to John, there is this garden mentioned, though not the name.

Two Garden which is very popular in the Bible is 1) Garden of Eden 2) Gethsemane Garden.

·       In the Garden of Eden, the first Adam falls whereas in this Garden, the last Adam stood.

·       In the Garden of Eden, the first Adam committed sin whereas in this Garden, the last Adam took all sin.

·       In the Garden of Eden, the first Adam fell before Satan’s temptation whereas in the presence of last Adam hundreds of soldiers fell.

·       In the Garden of Eden, due to the first Adam, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.-Romans 3:23” whereas due to sacrifice of the last Adam, “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.-Romans 10:13”

·       In the Garden of Eden, the first Adam hid himself among the trees(Genesis 3:8) whereas the last Adam reveals himself, “I AM he- John 18:5”

·       In the Garden of Eden, a flaming sword was kept to protect the tree that gives life (Genesis 3:24) whereas in this Garden “Put your sword back (John 18:11)”Thus, Our Lord came to conquer by way of the cross and not by way of the sword.


·       “Judas knew where it was, because many times Jesus had met there with his disciples.-John 18:2”

·       What we see here is Judas’ stony heart.

·       He compromised over the beautiful love nest and its memories to enemy.

·       A place where our Bridegroom (Jesus) was loving and nourishing his Bride (Church).


·       But Jesus said, “Judas, is it with a kiss that you betray the Son of Man?”-Luke 22:48

·       Who but Satan could have thought of such a sign as that?

·       It was a great insult to the Lord’s way of dealing with people i.e. his love and compassion that too from his own disciple.

·       But the very same Lord miraculously helps Saul find his true path.

·       Though he was persecuting the followers of Christ, though he was not one of his disciples, though he was following Satan, the very same Saul got his new name, Apostle Paul.

·       That he fought for Jesus beyond his strength.

·       Our Lord has great power at the same time we can see that the Bible does have a good sense of humor.

·       One of God’s disciples betrays him and one of God’s persecutors becomes God’s disciple. 


·       Let’s turn our pages and read John 6:15,” Jesus knew that they were about to come and seize him in order to make him king by force; so he went off again to the hills by himself.”--When Jesus feeds 5000 men.

·       Now let’s read John 18:4,”…so he stepped forward and asked them,’ who is it you are looking for? ....I AM he’” –When Jesus confronts about 200 soldiers.

·       When Jesus fed a multitude of people, all ate to fullness.

·       Like us all, they already found their Messiah who would feed them. But the Lord didn’t wait for their praise.

·       His eyes were ever open towards Father’s glory through his shame.

·       Lord, I love you! You keep on marveling me!


·       Simon Peter drew his sword, and cuts off Malchus’ right ear.

·       Jesus touched the man’s ear and healed him.

·       Peter was able to stand by the Lord with his sword but failed to stand by the Lord with his tongue.

·       He might have his own way of righteousness.

·       But no one can deny the love our Jesus has for us when he healed Malchus.


We too might have been betrayed by the most nearest person or closest one. Nail your feeling of agony due to betrayal and believe our Lord Jesus can save us. He went through this pain where his own disciple betrayed him. His grace is sufficient for us to deal such agony.

We have our victory in Christ. He went through all this pain and understands our agony.

Believe and keep praying.

Hope this word of God from John 18:1-11 directly speaks to your heart.