Blogging for Christ helped me! It gave me friends of God,each with unique qualities.I received this post on my mail from Renchu P Johnson.How zealously he wanted to contribute to spread the Word of God through this blog.Thank you Mr.Renchu for writing your thoughts down so I can share it with our Encounter Grace community.With that I’ll let you read in today’s guest post. 


BE A GOOD CHILD TO OUR 'ABBA' FATHER! For He is the perfect father & we are His offsprings.
If your kind mind allows you to spend a few minutes to think about it,I have an awesome story for You.

The decorating committee had just finished their beautification of the Sanctuary for the Christmas Season. All the greenery and bells and lovely bows were in place and on the altar was placed the creche with Mary and Joseph, all the animals, and in the manger lay the Baby Jesus. Satisfied with their work, the members of the Committee closed the Sanctuary door and left for home. The Church remained beautiful and inspirational for the season and for Christmas Day.

The day after Christmas, the Priest arrived at the Church rather late, having visited those in the hospital before going to his church. He walked into the Sanctuary, and again looked at all the beautiful work the people had done, but noticed that the Baby Jesus was not lying in the manger. He couldn't imagine what the trouble was; he knew Jesus had been placed in the manger and had been there Christmas Day. He looked everywhere, wondering what could have happened, but could not find Him. He raised his head and gazed out the window, and there, in the church courtyard, was little Bobby. Bobby was pulling a shiny, new, red wagon - and inside the wagon, there He was - the Baby Jesus!

The Priest went out and spoke to Bobby. "I noticed Baby Jesus was missing from the manger, Bobby," commented the Priest, "and now I see that you have him in your wagon. Would you like to explain to me why you removed him from the Church?". "Well, Father," Bobby said, "before Christmas I prayed to the Lord for a shiny, new, red wagon, and I promised Him that he saw fit to get me one, I would give Him a ride. I had to keep my promise because He keeps His promises to me. I will put Him back in His manger now; he has had a long ride."

Let the love and faithfulness of this young boy inspire our heart and soul...when our Father fulfills our Prayers and wishes,,thank Him,keep up our promises & hold Him more tighter! As said in St.Luke 18:17: "Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” And it's a true fact! 



rex _johnz said...

Thanqq dear Sister(#Anu) for the nyc work ! Its really graceful to see my article on ur blog!
nyc header too,,kp gng wl,may oua Abba Father shower His awesome Blessings upn You! tc

Anu Thomas said...

it's just lending a page :) God bless you

Anu Thomas said...

it's just lending a page :) God bless you!