Count through the years of your life when you confronted disappointment with the Lord. Just go back and think over those situations where God didn’t answer your prayer.

 We might have a long list. Lets together pray over such supplications which went unanswered or which didn’t go the way we wanted it to happen (silent prayer) Amen!

I will like to share with you one of my experiences of terrible disappointment with the Lord. In fact in all major chapters of my life, he didn’t give me what I wanted.

After my studies, how badly I wanted to work in MNCs. Only my Lord knows, all the resumes I have sent and interviews attended. I kept on praying ceaselessly. Then I just gave up all my wriggling and I got appointment letter for the job as Asst. Professor. Oh my! I just can’t believe my Lord would go so against my desire. Even in my scariest dream, I would have never wanted to be a lecturer. 

A Bit disappointed with this life and taunts of being unemployed tore me apart and I chose this job. I still remember I didn’t thank the Lord for this job. But trust me; I am in this field for like 2 years now. And I enjoy every part of it. How beautifully my Lord knew what I am capable of. I always liked giving seminars but fail to understand God’s call for my life.

So was the case with my studies, job and relationships.

So what’s the point in praying? I have pondered over this thought for like ages. Ultimately God’s will is going to happen so why take the whole burden of praying and get disappointed. At times when God is in action, we rejoice.

Where will we get our answer? Who will help us?

Obviously let’s turn our pages to Matthew 26:39

“O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Is this prayer perfect? 

   1)    Prayer of Belongingness “O my Father”
   2)    Prayer of  Faith,” if it be possible”
           3)    Prayer of Truth,”  let this cup pass from me”
         4)    Prayer of Obedience,” nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Oh! What a sweet and awesome prayer, Lord! So, what was our Heavenly Father’s reaction? ”OK Son, come back home!”


Did he answer him?

Again a No!

Because our Father had greater plans, not only for us but for Jesus also!

He knew that behind his agony is the cure.

Often we wonder, have we prayed long enough? We keep on repeating over the same phrases again and again, just to make sure Lord exactly understood what we want.

We might say “let thy will be done” but do we really mean it?

Prayer is not for God, it’s our privilege!

Keep praying!

Remember he is the same Lord who helped David to fight against Goliath which was his will at the same time he helped David to correct his sin against Bathsheba which was definitely not God’s will.
Believe and trust him, even when you see him in action or in silence.

Great Lent starts with a prayer of reconciliation. Before asking forgiveness from your friends and enemy, let’s start the Lenten season with dealing our frustration with God!