When life knocks me down,

In my desperation I frown.

I look around, I look within

Nothing is sound and serene.

I cried out in my pain

But soon I realized, all in vain.

When I analyzed my folly,

Your Word came to me as Holy.

You opened my eyes and I turned my pages,

Then I realized you have been there all through my ages.

I search and long for love

But I forgot your epic agape dove.

I looked around, I looked within

Something was sound and serene.

I chose a different path

Was lost, so returned back.

In my guilt, I was scared of your wrath

I mourned and dressed in a sack.

You send forth your Word

And healed my Soul.

My God and my Lord!

You calm my scowl.

When I saw your pierced palms

I gave myself as alms.

Open my eyes, O Lord

Let me see your glory.

Send forth your Word

Make me Holy.

I looked around, I looked within

Everything was sound and serene.



Rex_johnz said...

awsme lines,meaningful phrases,really u r Blessed,miss Anu Thomas,,nyc efforts in praising,undrstanding,& sharing abt the lov,care,passion,support & the Gospel of our eva loving Eeshow. . .kp gng well wid de same spirit & smartnss. . .may the gud grace of our Lord be wid You Olways :) tc

Anu Thomas said...

Hey!! Thks for reading ! May God bless all of us...

Anu Thomas said...

Hey!! Thks for reading ! May God bless all of us...

Heart felt prayers...May God bless you and all...:)

Anu Thomas said...

Straight frm my soul delights in worshiping my Lord..God bless us all :)

Smita said...

awesume lines anu....Am glad you started writing... its a pleasure to read... GOD Bless you :)

Anu Thomas said...

thks dear smitha...inspired by you :P

heart toching poem....!!

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Anu Thomas said...

hey dhruvisha!!! thks 4 reading n dat lovely comment!

rex_johnz said...

:) dats the pure will & joy of a real Christian frm the innr heart ,stay Blessed dear...may the gud Grace of our Lord be wid You..

Anu Thomas said...

@rex_johnz...Thanks for ur motivation..keep reading and sharing!

its really nice..i liked d poem..u r really blessed Anu..I feel u r chosen 2 glorify His name..
God bless u dear :)

Anu Thomas said...

whoa Jisha! thk u so much!
We are all called as messengers of Christ but the prob is we hav forgotten d message