My - First Relative In Every New Difficulty.



Smile, smile and lots of smile,
Carries you away to a mile.
She makes you feel like friend,
She knots you tight in the end.
A girl sweet and chubby,
A girl known for her smile, so bubbly.
Writing a poem on you is crime,
Gosh! How hard I am trying to rhyme!

Knowing you, I was spellbound!
Throughout the journey, my inner self I found.
In you I find my freedom to praise,
In you I find my courage to rise.
The way you listen, to my entire plea;
Serving me, with breakfast and tea.
Whenever I cried in front of u
All u would do, is hold my hand.
How I wanted a word from you,
But now I miss your land.
Wish I was there,
And you still could hold me.

You have no idea
How your silence speaks to me
On your birthday, my silent plea
Hope u get someone,
To serve you tea.
All your sacrifices will not go in vain,
God sees you and knows your pain.
Trust in him and enjoy this year,
Pay heed to him, lend him your ear.

Happy birthday, happy birthday!
How I miss you, in this beautiful day.

-Anu Thomas


Anu Thomas said...

Esp for u! thank you for bin der in my thick n thin situations

Ghosh!! I can't believe ... good work my dear :)

Ghosh!! I can't believe.. superb daa good effort :)

Anu Thomas said...

Thanks nidhi for reading! thank u dear!

Smita said...

very nyc n creative.... :)loved it

Anu Thomas said...

thanks smita...people like her makes ya poetess