God Vs. god

God Vs. god

A small kid praying, “Father, creator of heaven and earth, please help me! “
Do you find any honesty and dedication in the prayer? I see great faith and truth in this small prayer. Though I know I’m not born to pass judgments, but still I rejoice in my freedom of expression and speech.

These days we can’t even list the names of god and goddesses that we have as an option to worship. Once I was just conversing to my friend regarding her problem with studies. She just narrated me her faith. That she is going to leave her non-veg food habit plus she is going to offer a gift to some saint, so that her wish may come true. I asked her “do you really believe this would work?” she replied,” I don’t know but I will leave no opportunities for my blessings to come. You never know who may help you!!!”  

 Let’s just ponder on this thought. What you think, all these gods and goddesses have power but they listen to you if you worship them alone? Obedience is far better than sacrifice.
I believe life isn’t that complicated. why we drag the name of Lord to build up more tensions in our life.
I believe there is just one God, who is the creator of heaven and earth. You might not know his name or nature, but like this child just call him and he will answer you. Seek him and you shall find him. Knock at his door and he shall open it unto you. When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.

Don’t name list of god and goddesses. Let’s be wise and praise our heavenly father, the one and only one, creator of heaven and earth.