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Next day early morning, as a family all started praying. After family prayer, it is a usual practice that mother sends the tiny tots to their room and ask them to spend personal time with the Lord.

Mother reminded Justine to study about the parable of "LABORERS IN VINEYARD"

"click here to read the parable of Laborers in Vineyard"

Justine started thinking about the laborer who started working at the 11th hour and placed him in that situation. He thought about it the entire day and even discussed it with his friends at school and with Gracie also.

Later at night, when they were about to retire at bed, Mother asked Justine about the homework assigned.

Justine narrated as below:

Justine:- Mom, I think it was just fair that the landowner gave a penny to the 11th hour labourer.
Mother:- (Smiled) Why?
Justine:- You never know, Mom! Maybe,

1) He tried for other jobs but didn't get any
2) Maybe, he was not confident and the owner's invitation was what he was waiting for...
3) There can be many reasons...

I am happy that the landowner gave him a fair chance to work and not only that he also rewarded him. Trust me, Mom! that gesture of giving a penny to him might have boosted his confidence to work even harder next time.
And because of the kind gesture, many may come to the land-owner in search of work.

GRACIE:- Yes Mom, Anyways the land owner didn't pay less to anybody. So I think it is fair. Since no injustice happened.


(to be cont.)

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